Meet Pinar

My name is Pinar Tamer, and I’m a native of Ankara, Turkey. I moved to the United States in 2001 to earn a Master’s Degree in Political Science. I came to Orlando, at the age of 21 to explore and live the American Dream. That was a huge transition in and of itself, but then I was hit with consecutive tragic events that really sent me into a deep spiral of grief at the age of 31. My beloved grandmother died, followed by my mother,, and my sister — all in just 3 years’ time.

Not to mention, the month I lost my mother from cancer, I got pregnant, eventually giving birth to my child, who significantly changed my life for the better. I was experiencing deep pain and happiness, life and death, all at once.

By no coincidence, I choose a yogic path teaching and practicing yoga having an outlet by during those challenging years, and I began to realize my calling, my passion for living life in the present moment, and my interest in helping others in times of difficult transition, shone through. I adhere to the basic principle that ‘’pain is inevitable, suffering is optional’’ and have used that as a guiding light as my coaching practice developed through the years.

The decision to enroll in a coaching program with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) was one of of the best decisions I’ve made as well as investing time working on my self with the support of Conscious Transformation Team. who helped me overcome those survival emotions. I wanted change. and that itself helped me solidify my desire to coach others as they move through periods of transition.

It is my deepest desire to have a purposeful life — and I find a deeper sense of existence when I help others.

What clients are saying:

"Pinar is a natural leader. The good kind-a grounded, confident leader that knows how to listen. She sees the potential in others and flat out insists that they reach this potential. It is almost as if, upon realizing a person’s potential, she says’’ It is no longer good enough for you to try, you must do this. This is your calling’’. And so, with encouragement and support, she allows you to do something you did not think you could do. Who would not follow a leader that strives to make people better, one that believes in people, and that gives them the tools to tackle their fears? Combined with her business knowledge and her impressive health and wellness resume, she is a rare breed. She will be always a part of my personal coach or mentor team, and so it goes without saying that I would highly recommend Pinar Tamer for a variety of corporate or personal opportunities.’’

Padraic McHale,
President-CEO - MCH Masonry Group, Inc.


"Pinar started working with me as an executive coach at an extremely pivotal time in my Career and Personal life where several significant transitions were taking place all within a short period. I found Pinar’s coaching invaluable. She has a knack of asking the difficult questions and addressing the difficult issues and challenges in a very calm and measured way that made me feel completely supported. This approach really helped me think things through with an open mind and consider different ways of viewing the challenges I was facing. This fine balance between being tough and thought provoking as well as caring at the same time added with her experience and own personality makes Pinar’s coaching style quite unique.”

Ray Celona
Senior Vice- President at Comcast


"If you are seeking personal or professional growth and fulfillment, I highly recommend Pinar Tamer as a life coach. She has been my life coach for several months and in my experience, she is professional, engaging, prompt, courteous and thoughtful. Pinar displays a high attention to detail coupled with empathy. She possesses phenomenal coaching skills mixed with the healing arts. Regardless of how stressed out I was about a life situation, Pinar was adept a helping me to seek proactive solutions aligned with my core values. Working with Pinar helped me to change the course of my life and start living more intentionally in my personal and professional life. She has provided me with guidance regarding self-care, family relationships, career transitions, and entrepreneurship. Pinar is a gifted individual who lights up the room with her positivity and passion for life. She will help you learn how to be the change you want to see in your life, enable you to uncover your true potential, and equip you to turn obstacles into stepping stones."

Alexis Siriani
Graphic Designer

"18 months ago, I experienced the sudden loss of my husband. As a business owner, my financial security depended upon my being able to find my way through this valley of the shadow of death quickly and back into the swing of things. I was detached, depressed, and unable to embrace daily life without my Garry. I knew I was in trouble when a close friend told me that they would insist I see a doctor if I did not improve in a month. Well, that was when I found Pinar Tamer, who, for the next 12 months tenderly and knowledgeably guided me through that dark valley. Week by week, and then month by month, we walked together, valuing the process of grieving, learning, growing, and reconnecting. Because of her wisdom and training, my path was quite direct and my experience was so very, very healing on so many, levels. During that year, I learned a great deal about myself, the treasures I’ve received, and just how much life I have yet to live in purpose and joy. Today, I feel back on-track and able to build my business; reconnected to my daily life and in joy appreciating its treasures; excited about my future, welcoming the adventures I will have in this next phase of my life"

Maura Clerk
Business Owner, Maura’s Fashion’s