Detach Yourself From Grief

As mentioned in my bio, I went through a time of intense grieving, during which my grandmother, mother, and sister passed away within just 3 years’ time. During those years, I was surrounded by yoga instructors and spiritual gurus who were helpful to me as I tried to grasp how to cope with my very deep and seemingly endless supply of grief.

I learned that if you can detach yourself from grief, you can be free from it. You can move forward in life and learn to enjoy each and every moment as a gift.

This is, of course, easier said than done. It takes real work and fortitude to overcome the paralyzing waves — or constant stream — of grief.

So how do you detach yourself?

You must fully realize how you are being held under the intense grasp of grief. Once you can see it for what it really is, you can begin to combat it through practice.

This process requires that you sit with your sadness and give yourself the chance to explore it, which can be extremely uncomfortable (but sincerely worthwhile in the long run).

As you sit with your thoughts and allow yourself to feel the attached feelings, repeat to yourself, “I am feeling sad now, and it’s ok. It’s a natural human expression. It is temporarily. It is not who I am.” Don’t judge yourself for your thoughts — and keep repeating that your thoughts do not equal who you are. They are simply thoughts, and they can be released.

Facing your thoughts and emotions head on will help you move past the debilitating grief you’re facing. Be patient with yourself, but also be brave in the face of the grief.


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