Relieve Stress & Negative Feelings

Your body is designed to automatically clear stress and negative feelings. Recent research shows that in just 90 seconds, your body can reset itself, enabling you to feel refreshed and gain a new perspective. But how can this happen? Read on for three ways to clear your body and mind — and quickly.

Change Your Posture

The mind and body are intricately connected. Start by stretching your arms high overhead — then stretch them from side to side. Proceed to open your arms wide and look up to the ceiling or sky. Having done this, you’re likely already feeling a slight change. You can build on it by taking a walk. Get out of the space you’re currently in, change the scenery, and move your body.


Take several slow deep breaths, imagining that your whole body is filling up as you inhale and emptying as you exhale. Consciously let go of whatever situation is bothering you as you breathe out with a big sigh —  “Aaaahhhhh.”

Repeat this a few times to be sure the exercise has done its job. Now, you’re feeling even better. Your body is beginning to reset.

Release the Thought

Recognize the thoughts that were just plaguing you. Observe the words in your head and notice how they made you feel.

See if you can do this without judging yourself, or your thoughts, as good or bad. Simply recognize what you were thinking. Then release it by acknowledging that it’s just a thought, just one way of looking at things, just one possible neural pathway to your brain. In short, it’s not who you are! It’s a thought, and you can choose to let it go.


If you take 90-seconds to do any one of the above – or all three – you’ll be amazed at how your body takes over and clears away stress and bad feelings. If you find it all coming back again, you should simply repeat.

Enjoy your practice!

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