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Grief is natural and direct, It is also the most ignored and misunderstood experience. Working together, you will be guided to do what you need, to regain a sense of well-being.

Choosing completion and recovery from your loss rather than isolation and avoidance will lead you to enjoy a more satisfying life. Recovery is finding new meaning in life.

In dealing with the loss of a loved one there are six stages of Grief you will go through:

Shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, hope. These stages of mourning and grief are a deeply personal experience. There are practical things you can do to work through a time of bereavement, Working together. we will focus on the unfinished business surrounding your loss and provide an opportunity for your personal healing.


Getting Divorced or being abandoned is painful and can be overwhelming, It can be very difficult to move beyond loss. An unresolved loss will cause self defeating relationships in the future and hold you back from increasing your capacity to love. Incomplete recovery can leave you with negative effects on your capacity for happiness. Unless you resolve issues you can not heal from the pain or confront mistrust and insecurity in order to build new relationships. The healing process can lead you to a renewed sense of self leading to a stronger capacity for love on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Working with me, you will learn techniques to manage the pain and be empowered to establish a path to acceptance and recovery after divorce,

If you are ready to get everything you can out of your self and your life right now, it is time to get started with me. With the right guidance and support you will be amazed at how much is possible. I also offer phone coaching, skype, for those who prefer privacy of their own home and I offer 30 min free phone consultation to all first time callers.

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